As a YouTube creator, how many channels should you have? Should you have just one channel, or a lot of them? Well the short answer is both.

As a creator on YouTube, you should first consider how much free time you have available to put into video making. Ideally, you should be making at a minimum two quality videos per week. The YouTube algorithm has a bias to promote channels that are constantly uploading new content. Now I will admit, that I am struggling to upload two videos per week, but at least I recognize what I need to be doing to be successful. So, that is the first thing you need to consider. Basically, if you cannot even get yourself to create at least two videos per week, then you absolutely should not be uploading to multiple channels.

Now if you have the time to make more than two videos per week and can make maybe between five and six, then you should at that point consider making a second channel. See how you can slit the videos that you are making into two specific categories. For example, if you like making vlogs and like making tech reviews, then maybe do two tech reviews per week on your tech review channel and three vlogs per week on your vlogging channel. There are several benefits to dedicating each of your channels to a specific niche. The first benefit is that the subscriber base on each of the channels will only get the kinds of videos that they subscribed for, which will lead to a higher subscriber to view ratio, which is great for the YouTube algorithm. The second benefit is that Google will be able to have a better idea of the kinds of people that watch your videos on each of the channels since the content is more consistent, which will lead to higher CPM and greater earnings.

I hope this did a decent job going over how many channels you should have on YouTube. Basically, you should not have a second channel if you cannot commit to regularly uploading content to it.

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