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Private Internet Access VPN is one of a variety of options in the competitive VPN market. Is it worth considering?

Logging Policy

Like any good VPN, Private Internet Access VPN has a strict no-log policy with all the basics – they won’t keep logs of things like your bandwidth consumption, IP addresses, general usage, etc., and they have a few pieces of nonsensitive data they will collect from you for billing purposes. This information is all displayed clearly in their logging policy, and when there is a piece of information they do need, they not only disclose it but also give a good reason why they need it as well. Now this is actually nothing new; in fact, if a VPN doesn’t have a log policy similar to this, you should certainly not even consider it! What makes Private Internet Access VPN unique, however, is their transparency. Private Internet Access VPN has what’s called “open source transparency,” meaning their source code is open to inspection from not just independent auditors but anyone on the internet who wants to see their source code. This addition to their policy takes transparency to the next level, not only ensuring your privacy and data is protected but also giving you peace of mind knowing that they really mean what they say.

Unique Features

  • Open-source transparency – Not only can anyone inspect the source code, but the community can also contribute to improving it and making the VPN better
  • Kill switch – Like any good VPN, Private Internet Access VPN has a kill switch that disables your internet connection if your VPN connection drops
  • Encryption – In addition to having powerful encryption already, Private Internet Access VPN allows you to modify the encryption standards to fit your taste and needs
  • Split tunneling – You can allow certain applications or IP addresses to bypass the VPN tunnel if you want
  • Dedicated IP – Similar to others like NordVPN, Private Internet Access VPN allows you to purchase a dedicated IP address for your own use.
  • PIA Mace – Private Internet Access has its own ad blocker that blocks ads, trackers, malware, etc. at the DNS level, meaning it’s stopped before the requests even occur.

Max Devices Supported

Private Internet Access VPN allows you to connect using 10 devices simultaneously. While this is a far cry from the unlimited devices Surfshark VPN offers, it is more than most of the other notable VPN providers.

Speed of VPN

Private Internet Access VPN offers world-class server infrastructure, ensuring secure, reliable VPN connection at all times. In addition to this, through our testing, Private Internet Access VPN has proven to be one of the fastest VPN’s we have tested to date.

Our take on (name of VPN)

Private Internet Access VPN may not have as many unique features as other VPN providers like NordVPN and Surfshark, but the transparency and privacy provided by this VPN provider more than makes up for this. In addition to being transparent and having a great logging policy, Private Internet Access VPN also is incredibly fast, giving you a reliable, stable internet connection while also protecting your data and privacy.

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